About L3 Remix

L3Remix / L3Rmx is a community for Djs or Remixer with various kinds of music genres inside it. L3Rmx was officialy formed on 21 November 2012 by Willy_L3 with his first member such Use Marvellous, Fariz, Dan Soull. Before establishment of L3Rmx, Willy_L3 himself had joined in the various communities of DJ / Remixer & Recording, before officially founded the L3Rmx it self. And now of 2017,The L3Rmx had have membership up to 50 members. Willy_L3's determination and L3Rmx in to the future will produce new talents in the world of DJs & Remixer.
Mottos of L3Rmx is "We are L3 family,there is no differences in our family, anyone could be a part of this family ..."

Many thanks to who already have supported the L3Rmx so far this..

1. Biz Mixing DJ School
2. Handeejay(HDJ)
3. DJ Lutfi (Ex Pujasera)
4. DJ Edwin (Ex Crown)
5. Roy B (Nagaswara)
6. Ricky Foe (M.O.D)
7. DJ Adhie PB
8. DJ Abaz & Family
9. DJ Ronny (CyberDJ)
10. Ian Suryadi (LEXOLOGY)
11. SMM Records Cyber DJ Team
12. Maverick Records
13. DJ Andy (NRC DJ Team)
14. Duta Cahaya Utama Records
15. DJ Titi ( SMM Cyber DJ)
16. Golden Crown DJ Team
17. Mr. Beto Ho
18. Lucky Beatz DJ School (LBDJS)
19. NRC DJ Team
20. DLL
BY : Willy_L3 - L3Remix - LBDJS